Does America need Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality protects consumers

Its significance is highly overblown

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Without Net Neutrality, the balance of power between customers and internet service providers (ISPs) would strongly tilt in favor of the latter, infers The Guardian. It ensures that they cannot slow, accelerate or prioritize certain content on the internet. Big companies like Facebook would use this ability to cement their position at the top and prevent the rise of competitors. Whatever extra revenue this dominance would cause would end up in the pockets of shareholders, not consumers. The internet is too big a part of daily life in the current day to allow companies to dominate it this way. Net Neutrality is an immense asset to society.

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The internet was doing just fine before 2015, when Net Neutrality was introduced, and will be fine without it, write Jesse Hathaway and Justin Haskins for Fox News. Now that it's been repealed, many have created a huge paranoia that companies can now limit the loading speed of certain sites, but that won’t be the case. First, any ISP that does slow speed would be called out for it and see its customers flee. Second, the FTC would come in to regulate such damaging behavior. Without Net Neutrality, companies can use things like “paid prioritization” to allow their content to reach customers faster. Less government regulation is good for the internet.

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