Does Apple deserve consumer ire for slowing iPhones?

People right to be mad at Apple

Apple not solely at fault

 Getty Images: Justin Sullivan

It is no surprise that Apple is facing multiple lawsuits by consumers who rightly feel duped by the tech giant. The company recently admitted and apologized for the fact that its recent software updates deliberately slowed down the performance of old iPhones to prevent unexpected shutdowns. While, as of yet, Apple hasn’t breached any law or violated any contract, this longstanding “planned obsolescence” slowdown tactic is problematic on many levels, argues Sam Rutherfurd in Forbes. It justifiably leaves consumers feeling  angry and rightly questioning whether the tech giant is acting in good faith.

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While Apple’s admission of a “feature” on its iPhones that slows them down over time is a frustrating revelation for consumers, they should consider directing some of their anger at science and not just at Apple, argues Andy Boxall in Digital Trends. Though described as a fault in its hardware, this isn’t entirely accurate, as chemistry is also to blame; batteries don’t supply infinite power at a steady rate but, rather, get less efficient over time. It’s actually surprising how long the phone batteries do last considering what users put them through. Apple shouldn’t be reviled for providing a solution to prevent older phones from unexpectedly shutting down.

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