Can fake News Be Stopped?

New ways to fight Fake News are emerging

Fake News is becoming harder to stop

 Getty: Drew Angerer / Staff

Fake News detector. The growing phenomenon of fake news is being fought with a growing arsenal of Fake News checkers and algorithms, reports Mike Wendling of BBC. Facebook is one platform where fake news managed to spread particularly rapidly. Programs now exist that alert a person that the article they are reading is independently disputed and reduce their online visibility. Crucially, Google and Facebook are going to limit ad revenue that goes to fake news sites, which was the driving factor behind them. As awareness of fake news grows, improved methods of identifying and fighting them emerge.

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Mutating like a virus. Fake News’ ability to seep into society through a wide variety of ways makes it incredibly hard to combat and eliminate, theorizes The Economist. It is still evolving, and has the potential to use AI, image- and sound-generation with dangerous effectiveness. Video and audio, which is convincing enough to be regarded as solid proof, can be created digitally. AI is growingly able to generate images on its own that will soon enough be able to fool humans. It would become essentially impossible to differentiate between real and fake video evidence. For the time being, Fake News is here to stay.

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