Is Amazon’s New $15 Minimum Wage A Positive Move?

It's a great step forward for workers

Actually, many workers are frustrated

 Getty: Sean Gallup / Staff

Amazon’s new $15 minimum wage for all of its workers is a highly promising breakthrough, reports Matthew J. Belvedere of CNBC. The company has since received significant praise from Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, both of whom have been vocal critics of it in the past. The Vermont Senator in particular found that this change would not only improve the plight of Amazon workers but also set an example that other companies might follow. After much criticism of its low wages, particularly compared to its high profitability, this move shows Amazon is making real progress. This raise will benefit hundreds of thousands of hard-working employees.

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Amazon raising its minimum wage to $15 has upset some of its long-term employees from Wisconsin as they will not see proportional raises, writes Caroline Reinwald of WISN 12 News. Workers that have spent years at the company report that they will only be making 25 cents more than anyone joining after the raise takes effect. Additionally, they say that they are set to lose some of their benefits and bonuses. Before the change, they received unpaid time off and stock in the company for meeting certain goals at work, which may no longer be offered. The company has presented this change as universally beneficial for all of its employees but many remain unhappy.

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