Should Trump Roll Back Fuel Efficiency Rules?

It will cause higher gas costs

These regulations are excessive

 Getty: Chip Somodevilla / Staff

President Trump’s effort to roll back fuel efficiency regulations would be damaging to the environment and raise costs on American drivers through higher fuel consumption, infers Paul Bledsoe of The New York Times. According to one estimate, this decision could increase fuel costs by $193 billion to $236 billion by 2035. These would fall mostly on US citizens. Fuel efficiency standards started in 1975 and by 2015 had saved Americans $3.8 billion at the gas pump. Trump is wrong to implement these changes as they will increase costs for few tangible benefits. California and others will enforce the current standard either way, even if the rules are revoked.

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Fuel efficiency rules were unrealistic to begin with and are rightly being dismantled, believes James Taylor of the Orlando Sentinel. While more miles per gallon is a nice goal to work towards, the kinds of cars that reach these performances are expensive. The average American shouldn’t have to pay higher prices for a car that some say has to be more fuel efficient. The original fuel-economy restrictions were borne out of an oil embargo with Arab countries. This is no longer the case. A more effective way of fighting emissions would be to export more natural gas, which is cleaner than coal, to places like India and China, thus benefiting the US economy.

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