Is Microsoft to blame for the ransomware attack?

Microsoft is to blame for ransomware attack

Many parties besides Microsoft are culpable

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Aside from the criminals who are behind the recent Ransomware attack, Microsoft is also to blame, asserts Russell Brandom in The Verge. He claims that while Microsoft had released a patch almost two months ago to protect against such attacks, it did not reach all users, especially those with older operating systems, leaving them vulnerable. Brandom says that Microsoft's biggest error is that it should not have made the decision to stop supporting older versions of Windows software.  Millions of people using Windows 7, and especially Windows XP, are still vulnerable, he asserts. Plus, those with older computers have a bigger problem because they won't be equipped to run newer versions of Windows, which are secure.  

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While Microsoft should share some of the culpability in the recent ransomware cyber attack, it is not the only party responsible, argues Jeff John Roberts of Fortune.  Roberts also blames the NSA, hospitals and companies that were hit and cybersecurity companies. He says that NSA is at fault for discovering and exploiting the Microsoft flaws to begin with, and then letting their techniques get stolen and published on the internet for criminals to use to create the ransomware attack. He also blames hospitals and companies that were hit for not updating their software, which would have prevented the attacks. Cybersecurity companies are also to blame, says Roberts, because they rely on scare tactics to sell solutions that end up not working.  

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