Is protecting the Environment incompatible with Capitalism’s values?

Capitalism worsens global pollution

It's a driving factor behind clean energy

 Getty: Chris Graythen / Staff

Today's form of capitalism has spread values that make getting richer preferable to taking united action against climate change, theorizes Martin Lukacs of the Guardian. Its biggest success is shifting the focus onto individual consumers, whose pollution is tiny compared to that of large corporations. In the past 30 years one hundred companies have caused 71% of the world’s pollution. De-regulating private companies has given them the freedom to pollute excessively in their quest for maximum profits. Lobbying keeps up fuel subsidies and strongly hampers any efforts to phase out dirty energy. The current system is set up to maintain itself and its profits at the cost of the planet's environment.

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Capitalism’s focus on growth and innovation encourages the development of clean energy, infers Noah Smith of Bloomberg. The assertion that human growth is incompatible with a healthy climate is flawed. A growing number of countries are proving that growth is achievable while reducing green house gas emissions, even accounting for production that has been outsourced. Their economies have expanded, producing more goods and services while at the same time working to make the world a cleaner place. Renewable energy technology is becoming cheaper and cheaper, which encourages more countries to adapt it. Capitalism is strongly contributing in the reduction of global pollution.

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