PS4 Pro versus Xbox One X – which is better?

The PS4 Pro eclipses the Xbox One X

The Xbox One X runs games much better

 Getty: Christian Petersen / Staff

Sony’s PS4 Pro outdoes Microsoft’s Xbox One X in too many regards for the latter to lure its players in, argues Paul Tassi of Forbes. First and foremost, the Microsoft console lacks the exclusive games that Sony has. Microsoft titans like "Gears of War" and "Halo" were heavily missed during the launch, giving the Xbox One X only limited appeal. While Xbox One X's technological strengths may make it stand out, it is also $100 more expensive than the PS4 Pro. As the PS4 majorly outdid the Xbox One X, Microsoft was in dire need of a successful boost to its brand, which the Xbox One X was unable to provide.

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The Xbox One X’s technological muscle makes it the strongest console on the market and superior to the PS4 Pro, infers Emma Boyle of Tech Radar. With superior RAM and processing power, it promises a smooth and visually pristine gaming experience that Sony can’t offer. It will run games beautifully even if they haven’t received a 4k patch, making the best use of its graphical progressing. Furthermore, it will provide backwards compatibility so gamers have access to a huge array of classic Xbox titles that they love, which Sony doesn’t have. The Xbox One X will provide a significantly better gaming experience than the PS4 Pro.

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