Are Sanctions On China Going To Pay Off?

This will squeeze Americans' wallets

It's a needed check on Chinese misdeeds

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Trade between the US and China is a mutually beneficial affair. Disrupting it with sanctions would cause needless economic pain, writes Jack Ma in the South China Morning Post. Particularly at a time when China’s almost 1.4 billion people are set to become the world’s biggest consumer market, this potential trade war hurts America’s exporting possibilities. Apple exemplifies the positives of the relationship: It builds iPhones with cheap Chinese labor and sells them around the world at a major profit. But looking smaller, small US businesses and farmers are first in the line of fire, as they rely on Chinese imports and then sell their products to the rest of the country.

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The tariffs on China are bigger than just the economy; they are the first check of China’s growing clout, trade violations and imposition of its will abroad, suggests Stephen Moore of CNN. First off, America simply has a larger and more robust economy. Talk of China winning is mistaken. The country steals US intellectual property, costing it hundreds of billions of dollars yearly. It threatens US allies like Japan and Taiwan with its growing territorial claims in the region. President Trump’s decision is a check on this growing Chinese hunger to throw around its weight internationally. Making it play by the rules is a good thing.

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