Did The Senate Hearing Meaningfully Punish Facebook?

Most questions were easy to deflect

Zuckerberg got a deserved grilling

 Getty: Chip Somodevilla / Staff

The Senate landed few punches on Mark Zuckerberg during its hearing over Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal, reports Will Oremus of Slate. Senators who clearly didn’t understand the social media platform's mode of operation asked frustratingly uninformed questions that could be easily deflected. The fact that 44 different people interviewed him prevented most of the more tech-savvy ones to properly grill Zuckerberg and even resulted in certain questions being repeated. Ultimately, little was revealed that wasn’t known before, and he was rarely backed into a corner. The hearing reflected poorly on the Senate and is a win for Zuckerberg. Facebook's stock rose 4.5% afterwards, suggesting some had expected worse.

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The Senate hearing of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg marked a turning point in accountability for the social media giant, infer the editors of The Weekly Standard. Grilled by members of both parties, his company was put under the magnifying glass. Senators raised questions about Facebook’s monopoly, as well as the more pressing issue of how it handles users’ data. They made sure Zuckerberg understood that new regulations are on the table, which would prevent this from happening again. It was an important moment in protecting Americans from the power of social media, which has gone under the radar for a long time now. Zuckerberg got chewed up and spit out. He should make necessary changes before new regulations force him to.

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