Is the Startup Era ending?

Big companies are holding back startups

Creating startups has never been easier

 Getty: Chip Somodevilla / Staff

While the enthusiasm for what startups represent hasn’t waned, their influence, compared to big hitters, has, argues Jon Evans of TechCrunch. It was a decade ago that good ideas grew into big companies, such as Snapchat or Airbnb. What we are seeing now, though, is the ones at the top ensuring that they stay there while buying out their competitors. Amazon, Google and Facebook, already giants far beyond the tech world, are only continuing to grow and dominate their fields. Startups disrupting old industries is becoming a thing of the past as new technologies, like AI or self-driving cars, favor the well-funded establishment.

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With technologies as advanced as they are, we are currently in the ideal ecosystem to start our own companies, writes Jon Westenberg in Business Insider. Online ventures can easily be set up at extremely low costs. All types of services are available at one’s fingertips. The internet and the access it provides to other people with good ideas make finding business partners very accessible, even across the globe. With cheap online courses that teach anything, coding and setting up website-building apps have all become real possibilities for anyone willing to put in the effort. Today’s big companies were founded with far less tools at their disposal.

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