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Should Twitter double its tweets’ word limit?

Twitter's latest change is useless

It provides a better user experience

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Twitter’s latest attempt at 'innovation,' doubling its character limit from 140 to 280, comes in place of actual improvement, as well as being redundant, asserts Angela Watercutter of Wired. Many users were highly disappointed by this proposed change, having asked for better handling of death threats and racism online. Twitter is special because of its word limit that forces users to be concise and creative in their choice of words. Such an addition changes the medium’s essence in a way that just didn’t seem necessary, especially next to more glaring issues. This move makes users feel ignored, given that they had significantly bigger issues.

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The current trial of 280-character limits is Twitter positively trying to make itself more user-friendly and enable people to fully express themselves, write Aliza Rosen and Ikuhiro Ihara of Twitter. The data shows that many users quickly exhaust the 140-character limit and spend significant time editing their tweets. This problem is far less common for people that write in Japanese or Korean, as their languages use far fewer characters. They allow users to use around half the space to write the same thing. Twitter’s latest change is intended to smoothen everyone’s tweeting experience. Research suggests that it will strongly benefit users that write in English.

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