Are there any upsides to ending Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality ensures open internet

We shouldn't regulate the internet too heavily

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Undoing net neutrality regulations would allow internet service providers to unfairly regulate the content their customers view, argue Terrell McSweeny and Jon Sallet for Wired. By slowing down certain content, such as Netflix, Comcast could drive its internet clients to stick to cable television. The FCC and Department of Justice have agreed that internet service providers have the ability to, as well as an interest in, regulating what content reaches their customers. Allowing them to do so could severely undermine competition and online innovation. Net neutrality is crucial in allowing everyone access to the content of their choice.

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Overly regulating the internet with rigid net neutrality rules could limit its long-term positive effects, suggests James Broughel of the Fiscal Times. Current net neutrality laws benefit Google and Facebook’s dominance of the flow of information on the internet. New technologies have often brought disruptive change with their introductions, which, like the internet, were outweighed by the benefits. Emotional fears of the internet’s downsides could lead to restrictive regulations that would limit its growth, holding back gains for future generations. The internet should be allowed to develop naturally and freely.

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