Is Virtual Reality the Future of Mainstream Gaming?

Virtual Reality will revolutionize gaming

It's too gimmicky & solitary to take over

 Getty: Tim P. Whitby / Stringer

Brining you to the game. Virtual Reality (VR) is going to change the way that we play video games, proclaims Andy Meek of BGR. The industry has understood that living rooms aren’t the ideal setting for its technology and is brining gamers to warehouses to live out a revolutionary virtual experience. In such large spaces, players can walk around complex virtual scenarios and interact with each other. This creates an unprecedented immersive adventure that aims to bring groups of friends to mall-like gaming centers. Social and technologically exclusive, VR will draw in everyone from hardcore to casual gamers.

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Too confining. The popularity of video games rests in the easy escapism and relaxation they offer right in your living room, which virtual reality (VR) can’t provide, suggests Todd Spangler of Variety. It’s simply too gimmicky to catch on as a form of entertainment that gamers engage in for hours every day. VR’s immersion is a double-edged blade. Millennials like the ability to switch off from their gaming experience to text or check social media; they like to switch their focus around. VR is also an extremely solitary experience with clunky headgear that doesn’t facilitate quick breaks. Gaming is too particular for VR to take over.

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