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Will Apple’s new $1000 Iphone be a success?

Apple's new iPhone will succeed

The high price will be its doom

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Apple’s new rumored $1000 iPhone will be a success no matter what, suggests April Glaser of Slate. The high price tag will be offset by the phone’s many new features, including facial recognition technology, a curved screen, wireless charging and other fancy stuff. The Silicon Valley giant has understood that smartphones are a growingly large part of people’s lives, in which they are happy to invest larger sums. Additionally, it is cementing its status as a luxury brand; the iPhone is perhaps becoming a unique fashion and wealth accessory. High prices have gotten Apple criticism in the past, but every iPhone has succeeded.

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The $1000 price tag for an iPhone is simply too much and would require fantastical features to justify its massive fee, holds Dustin McKissen of Inc. New screen technology, a faster chip, better battery life and other rumored improvements aren’t enough. At an age when many are re-evaluating their relationships with technology and the time they spend on their phones, it becomes paradoxical to invest even more sums in fancier and more absorbing ones. The iPhone, for all its qualities, may be a pleasure to own, but statistics show that smartphones don’t make us happier. Apple’s high price should make us all take a stand for independence from technology.

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