Will Cloud computing dominate our future?

Cloud computing will soon be replaced

Tech giants are betting on its success

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Cloud computing will soon be outmuscled at the forefront of digital networks by Edge computing, suggests Jeremy Hsu of Wired. Edge networks will rely on small server outposts that would significantly accelerate the transmission of vital data. The Cloud has a deep-lying issue: certain technologies like self-driving cars will require information so rapidly that even a delay of a fraction of a second could be catastrophic. The Cloud, in its current form, relies on centralized servers from where data is boomed outward, which can’t provide a universally satisfactory service. The Cloud is going to be blown away.

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The Internet of Things has cemented cloud computing’s presence in our current technological landscape, asserts Quentin Hardy of The New York Times. Amazon, Google and Microsoft are all investing heavily in this system, seeing it as a way to expand their technology empires. The Cloud is continuing to grow into new sectors, from home gaming to mobile computing. Amazon, particularly, is coming up with ways to boost its capabilities to sell products with cloud computing. As with others, they are laying cables and setting up the infrastructure that will prop up the Cloud as a necessary commodity in the future.

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Will cloud computing dominate our future?
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