Will Musk’s Twitter takeover promote or restrict free speech?

His stance risks silencing important voices

Musk will uphold free speech values

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Elon Musk's laissez-faire attitude towards content moderation could harm free speech on the platform, writes Jo Adetunji of The Conversation. Allowing harmful content and harassing behavior is likely to silence people, especially those from vulnerable groups. For example, women who receive very vicious harassment, like rape threats, often self-isolate, effectively removing their voices. In contrast, harassment of men is often far less insidious. The emotional impact of such digital aggression should not be played down. Twitter has a responsibility to ensure that all of its users feel safe and free to voice their opinions. Not doing so undermines the free speech ideals Musk professes to have.

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Elon Musk taking over Twitter is a welcome development, believe the editors of National Review. The social media platform has long had issues with free speech, severely limiting conservative voices and banning right-wing figures. Musk won't necessarily end all content moderation, but he can reintroduce some much-needed and long-awaited balance. What is needed are clear and neutral guidelines that everyone must follow, no matter where on the political spectrum they lie. Twitter has to become a fair and balanced platform where everyone can openly exchange ideas freely again. It was moving away from this ideal in past years. Perhaps Musk's takeover can bring it back to the principles it started out with.

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