'13 Reasons Why' emboldens the suicidal

The show bolsters suicide prevention

 YouTube: Netflix

Glamorizing suicide. “13 Reasons Why” and its detailed depiction of suicide inspires suicidal people to kill themselves, suggests Constance Grady of Vox. On June 8, a man did just that, leaving behind tapes, just like in the show. Studies indicate that dramatic portrayal of suicide on TV can spur the suicidal to end their lives. While the show may have artistic aspirations to create a truthful narrative, its realism contributes to the ending of lives. “13 Reasons Why” threatens to inspire even more people to kill themselves. This poses the question of whether filmmakers are responsible for the effect their art can have on people.

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Expanding the conversation. Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” encourages suicide prevention by raising awareness for mental health and depression, writes Jenna Birch of Health. The show has inspired schools and parents to talk to children about their feelings more openly. Peer pressure and bullying are two glaring issues that the show highlights wonderfully. In doing so, it helps all of its viewers to understand what sort of feelings children grapple with and the difficulty they have in processing them. Beyond this, the discussion and critique “13 Reasons Why” has raised has contributed to a wider dialogue about suicide and all of its aspects.

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