Does the American Idol reboot make sense?

Rebooting American Idol is unwise

NBC is smart to bring the show back

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American Idol, once a pioneer of reality TV singing competitions, is no longer special enough to merit being rebooted, which undoubtably sets it up for failure, writes Sherina Harris of the Huffington Post. In her opinion, there are too many similar shows right now, making it improbable that American Idol will be able to muscle its way back to the top. The show went on for too long as it is, suffering after losing its protagonist judge, Simon Cowell, believes Harris. According to her, American Idol’s revival risks soiling its glowing reputation among fans, such as herself, by attempting a risky comeback.

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Bringing back American Idol is a smart move by NBC from a marketing perspective, claims Josef Adalian of Vulture. He theorizes that even after its decline near the end, the show still had quite good ratings, so bringing it back makes sense. Additionally, it would allow the network to rest its show The Voice, alternating with American Idol, thereby giving viewers their constant fix of singing competitions. This would allow NBC to dominate this television category, making it very hard for other networks to challenge them. Relaunching American Idol will turn out to be a success for NBC and will make viewers happy, suggests Adalian.

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