Is Baby Driver a good movie?

'Baby Driver' excites and entertains

It collapses under its own weight

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“Baby Driver” is a quirky action movie with surprising depth that uniquely perceives music, writes Mark Kermode for the Guardian. ‘Baby,’ lives his life through a constantly ongoing music playlist that adds a fun rhythm to all of the action and transforms the movie into a musical of sorts. Dance elements, action scenes and stunts are magnificently choreographed, showing off the film’s diverse skill set, while giving any pure action fan their fix. “Baby Driver” tops all of this off with homages to musical and film classics and smart writing through tongue-in-cheek humor. It’s a fun movie for audiences to enjoy.

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“Baby Driver” tries to be everything but a good-old action movie and trips over its feet because of this, infers Justin T. Westbrook of Jalopnik. It loses out with a plot that fails to maintain the balance between action, comedy, dancing and romance, therefore staying flat. The cast, while star-studded, doesn’t allow the protagonist, and in particular his love story, to shine. Romance isn’t fleshed out enough, as ‘Baby’s’ love interest is tossed aside once the main plot line comes roaring back, posing the question why it was included in the first place. In its quest for innovation, the movie messes up the essentials.

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