Is Black Mirror’s Fourth Season Good?

It's uniquely innovative and great

It doesn't match past seasons

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Unpredictable and as gruesome as ever, Black Mirror’s fourth season keeps up the good work with highly intriguing tales, suggests Liz Shannon Miller of IndieWire. Exhibiting horror, Star Trek-like Sci-Fi and the constant existential dread surrounding death, it packs a punch like no other show. However, as chilling as episodes like “Metalhead” are, the show can’t just be classified as horror. It goes too deep for that with gripping narratives and profound themes. Black Mirror explores death and our fear of it, as well as exploring what we leave behind once it reaches us. Season 4 constantly manages to keep its audience on edge and, most importantly, entertained.

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Unlike Black Mirror’s first three seasons, its fourth is distinctly less groundbreaking and growingly predictable, argues Kelly Lawler of USA Today. While some episodes are unquestionably powerful, the season as a whole is dragged down by the distinctly weaker ones. The show seems to be losing its unique ability to repeatedly shock and awe viewers at the same time. Some of the themes have been seen before. Black Mirror’s biggest strength, the ability to make viewers re-examine their interactions with loved ones and technology, is present, but with visibly less dynamism. Season 4 is a noticeable dip in quality for a show of such excellence.

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