Was Gal Gadot underpaid for starring in ‘Wonder Woman’?

Gal Gadot was underpaid for 'Wonder Woman'

Her initial salary excludes lucrative bonuses

 Getty: Frazer Harrison / Staff

Fake feminism. “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot being underpaid for her role in an action movie sadly reflects the gender pay gap that is still rampant in Hollywood, asserts Desmond O’Flynn of Born 2 Invest. Notwithstanding the movie’s immense international success, Gadot was paid a comparatively meager fee by blockbuster standards. Male stars such as Robert Downey Jr. have been rumored to earn as much as $80 million per movie, making Gadot’s paycheck seem like loose change. As empowering as “Wonder Woman” was, it still falls short of bridging the gap between men and women in terms of equal pay.

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Fake news. Outrage over Gal Gadot’s "measly" payment of $300,000 for starring in “Wonder Woman” is overblown and fails to see the whole picture, holds Sarah Whitten of CNBC. The figure doesn’t include bonuses related to the movie’s success, which are likely to be a part of it. This tends to be the case with rising stars and could end up leaving Gadot with a better deal, given the movie’s huge success. Additionally, stars like Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. also received payments in this range for their debut superhero movies. Claims that Gadot is being underpaid leave out essential information.

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