Was Game of Thrones Season 7 good or bad?

Game of Thrones Season 7 was great

Actually, this season strongly underwhelmed

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Game of Thrones concluded its seventh season with a spectacle fueled by the awe of its characters finding out crucial information that the audience already knew, writes Ben Kuchera of Polygon. Seeing the Lannister twins learn who really killed their son without them having the possibility for revenge was highly satisfying, given their past crimes. Knowledge, an asset that makes the show’s politics tick, set this season’s dramatic tone. The twisting of information has led to countless deaths, allowing the smartest to gain influence. Game of Thrones' balance of power has shifted, resulting in a highly entertaining season.

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The quality of writing on Game of Thrones has significantly waned in season 7, believes Erik Kain of Forbes. In pursuit of a pretty big picture, small, yet crucial details were frustratingly overlooked. Events were highly rushed, teleporting characters over vast swathes of land so they could better serve certain stories. Without needed depth, several plot-lines, such as that in Winterfell, seemed redundant. But the mission beyond the wall was what really stood out in its pointlessness. This was the second season that wasn’t based on the books, which was awfully apparent. The show’s high quality has taken a strong hit.  

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