Are the Golden Globes worth watching?

They are amazing and not to be missed

They aren't worth watching anymore

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The politically charged time that this year’s Golden Globes will be coming out in means they will be a particularly big spectacle, believes Madeleine Aggeler of The Cut. Besides being a sophisticated award show, Hollywood’s women have big statements to make over the sexual harassment scandals that have rocked their industry. This year, 282 women and many men, too, will be wearing black to protest the way that women have suffered abuse across all professions. One can expect groundbreaking speeches on the topic as well as on our current government. The personalities that walk the red carpet will put on a show that shouldn’t be missed.

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The Golden Globes have shot themselves in the foot with poor movie nominations, cementing their status as an extremely skippable affair, asserts Gabriel Bell of Salon. Galling omissions, none bigger than that of Jordan Peele among the best directors, stand out. His movie “Get Out,” was strangely categorized as a comedy. This is particularly distressing, as sub-par movies like “Boss Baby” got nominated among the best animated movies, making it feel like the event has lost its eye for quality. Poor match-ups and movie choices elsewhere make the Golden Globes less exciting than they had the potential to be.

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