How good of a movie is Blade Runner 2049?

Blade Runner 2049 is the perfect sequel

It doesn't innovate enough to be great

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Blade Runner 2049 does everything right as a reboot, staying just loyal enough to the original while having the courage to experiment with its own themes and ideas, infers Sandy Schaefer of Screen Rant. Playing with morality, consciousness and what it means to be a human being offers refreshing aspects to the Blade Runner series. With beautiful cinematography and directing it’s simply a marvel to watch. Top performances from Ryan Gosling and Robin Wright bring a touch of humanity and vulnerability into a dystopian universe. This Blade Runner movie will satisfy the most hardcore fans and impress the majority of first-timers.

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The original Blade Runner set cinema alight in a way that 2049 simply isn’t able to, asserts Pam Powell of the Daily Journal. The sequel simply lacks the emotion, depth and creativity of its predecessor. Great visuals are pleasing but like much of the movie they can’t make up for the lack of real substance. Similarly the intense soundtrack seems overdone and even out of place in certain moments. Protagonist Ryan Gosling doesn’t quite suit his role and fails to draw in his audience meaningfully with a rather robotic performance. Crucially, the story doesn’t live up to expectations and can’t help but disappointment.

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