How good of a show is Neflix’s ‘Glow’?

Netflix's 'Glow' shines strong

It falls short after early promise

 YouTube: Netflix

Netflix’s latest Original Series, “Glow,” is empowering, funny and profound in the way it captures life as a woman in the 80s, writes Carrie Wittmer of Business Insider. Characters are incredibly complex and intriguing; even ones that appear annoying at first turn out to have a humanizing backstory. The racism and sexism of the time period are addressed, which is balanced out with good writing and wacky comedy. The show finds a unique narrative, shedding light on female wrestling and its redeeming qualities. “Glow” is a fun adventure that combines brilliant acting and an absorbing story to create something beautiful.

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“Glow” starts out strong but doesn’t manage to deliver on its early promise, infers Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair. A story that begins grippingly, with emotion and depth, becomes diluted with an over-reliance on comedic tropes that undermine attempts at social commentary. Having a team of freaks attempt to professionally wrestle creates a few cheap laughs but doesn’t provide much to ponder about. Jokes tainted with racism and sexism soon lose their self-awareness, making them end up feeling somewhat bigoted. The show falls short after a beginning that promised a more analytical ride through the 80s.

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