How Good Is Westworld Season 2?

It's not as good as the first season

In fact, it's a significant step up


Westworld season 2 is a distinct step down from season 1, infers Michael Rougeau of Gamespot. The difference is that it doesn’t give viewers enough of a narrative or a core plot to stay engaged throughout all the mystery. In the first season, the maze that the man in black was pursuing offered a highly engaging puzzle. Westworld thrives on uncertainty but went too far here. In the era of Netflix dropping whole seasons at once that viewers binge instantly, a few breadcrumbs of information every week isn’t enough anymore. The characters have changed and aren’t as relatable as before. Season 2 can’t live up to the grandeur of season 1.

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Westworld’s second season is a clear improvement on the first one, believes Karl Puschmann of the New Zealand Herald. The new intensity is highly welcome, after season 1 told a rather grim tale. Action and fun are plentiful now. Ed Harris’ man in black is again trying to solve the mystery of the park, which he does with with coolness and little mercy for the robots that oppose him. Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores has also taken a step forward, free to commit violence of her own free will. Twists, turns and new plot lines such as the Shogun world make season 2 so fun. It is highly exciting, fun to watch and takes the show to the next level.

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