Is Glow Season 2 Worthy of High Praise?

It's a flawless 2nd season

It's good but has weak spots


Following the success of GLOW season 1, the show’s second season is even better, delightfully expanding upon the characters’ relationships with each other and with their wrestling personas, writes Allison Keene in Collider. The show’s plot enhances its entertainment value, since it’s female wrestling show now has more fans, increasingly complicated wrestling moves and new, deeply explored dynamics between the main characters. This season also gives more time and nuance to various relationships that were introduced in season 1, like the friendship of Debbie and Ruth, the father-daughter relationship between Sam the director and his daughter Justine, not to mention the female bond between the remaining wrestlers, handling each with sensitivity and humor. It’s a flawlessly fun season to watch.

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While the second season of GLOW boasts good humor, entertaining plot lines and winning character growth that are all worthy of its positive reviews, season 2 still has some weak spots worth noting, argues Todd VanDerWerff in Vox. For instance, unlike last season, when the show’s strong center focused on Ruth and Debbie’s friendship falling apart, this season drifts away from this relationship, focusing on other characters and issues instead. This is fine, as the secondary characters are very interesting, but their stories are not as  gripping as the Ruth/Debbie controversy was, making this season’s central story line feel less memorable. Plus, there are just too many characters and plot lines to focus on for a half-hour comedy; there's too much going on for any particular story to stand out as inspiring.

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