Did Kathy Griffin deserve the huge public backlash she got?

Griffin's decapitated Trump head was wrong

It was a severe but genuine form of resistance

 Getty: Frederick M. Brown / Stringer

Headless. Kathy Griffin publishing a photo of herself holding a fake, blood-covered head of Donald Trump was an extremely poor decision and representative of liberals’ spiteful anger towards the president, argues Bill O’Reilly for The Hill. Griffin’s photo was gruesome and too far on any scale. However, it’s not an outlier, as during Trump’s presidency dissent has become more and more vicious. She was pandering to her audience, hoping to get support for one of the most offensive displays of resistance yet. The daily rhetoric on left-wing media is so outrightly anti-Trump that their followers are completely desensitized to the weight of their cruel jokes.

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Off with her head. While Kathy Griffin’s photo was extreme, it was a legitimate form of protest against the figurative violence that Trump deals out weekly, implies Noah Michelson of the Huffington Post. Trump’s words can kill; Griffin’s picture, as disturbing as it is, can’t. As an artist, she pushed social boundaries to make her voice heard, in opposition to the president. A free and open society should permit this kind of dialogue, no matter what. Unsettling as it was, her picture encouraged the national dialogue that needs to go on in these turbulent times. The outcry against her was a vindictive witch-hunt that she didn’t deserve. Albeit severe, it was a genuine form of resistance

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