Is Lena Dunham a phony Feminist?

Her feminism is only self-serving

It's unfair to judge her so harshly

 Getty: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff

TV and film actress Lena Dunham has used feminism to promote her brand and profit herself, which is highly disappointing as she presented herself as a leader of women’s rights, infers Kate Erbland of IndieWire. After Aurora Perrineau accused former “Girls” producer Murray Miller of raping her, Dunham almost instantly came to his defense. Only after severe online backlash did she issue a half-hearted apology without referring to Perrineau directly. Such behavior seems to indicate that she throws ideology out the window once her friends are involved. This is highly disappointing from a woman who many saw as a pillar of feminism.

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It is wrong to label actress Lena Dunham a false feminist for having expressed skepticism on accusations of rape against a man she knows very well, holds Brendan O’Neill of Reason. She does deserve some scorn for her hypocrisy after having tweeted that women never lie about rape. However, the current online effort to burn her at the stake is overblown. She may have contributed to this movement of directly judging men and harassment-enablers but that doesn’t make her wrong to question unproven allegations. The Harvey Weinstein effect has made society too hasty in condemning; we should wait for the evidence before casting judgement.

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