Is Louis C.K.’s Career over?

Louis C.K.'s career is over

It is likely that he will re-emerge

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Finally, we are seeing the entertainment industry cleaning up its act and appropriately punishing and exiling the sexual abusers in its ranks. These now include Louis C.K., whose career is over, asserts Matt Zoller Seitz. His disgusting sexual harassment of many women is unforgivable. What makes it that much worse is that through his art he crafted an image of a self-aware, caring and nice person. He made his viewers trust him, which makes the discovery of his real nature a betrayal of said trust. Louis C.K.’s work was great and funny, but it should be shelved away now, as should his career. The time of people like him getting away with their misdeeds is over.

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Currently, Louis C.K.’s career may be nose-diving due to sexual assault allegations that he admitted to, but there are many indicators that it will rebound, suggests Leigh C. Anderson of Salon. Louis C.K. has incredibly loyal fans that are already coming to his defense. While terrible, his actions were not on the scale of those of Harvey Weinstein and others. Due to the speed of his punishment and his relatively clear apology without denying facts, it is unlikely that his reputation will indefinitely suffer like the movie producer’s will. While society needs to re-evaluate whether his eventual re-emergence is morally acceptable, that is what’s likely to happen.

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