Was Megyn Kelly right to interview Alex Jones?

Megyn Kelly's Alex Jones Q&A spreads hate

Censoring him doesn't fix the bigger issue

 Getty: Alex Wong / Staff

NBC's Megyn Kelly is wrong to give Alex Jones any additional publicity. Her interview with the hateful, conspiracy-spewing radio talk host is unlikely to critically dissect him and what he stands for, but will, instead, give Jones more publicity for his agitative message, writes Maureen Ryan of Variety. The promotional clip for the interview has shown them joking together, indicating that it was hardly a terse affair. In the absence of hard-hitting questions that castigate Jones and his method, Kelly’s piece strongly risks humanizing him. Most infamously, he has claimed that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax and that the parents of dead children are liars.

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Interviewing Alex Jones doesn’t validate him or his values but can offer some critical analysis of his persona, believes John McWhorter of CNN. The backlash NBC is receiving over the piece is overblown. Censorship is never the right way to engage an ideology, no matter how flawed it may be. Doing so could offer a precedent to censor any opinions if they aren’t in line with the mainstream mentality. Jones already has a wide audience, and Kelly’s interview is unlikely to expand it much further. It could provide some intriguing insight into his views. Perhaps her past with Fox News makes scrutinizing her more acceptable.

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