Is Miley Cyrus dismissing rap cultural appropriation?

Miley Cyrus exploited rap culture for profit

She didn't disrespect rap or its culture

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Miley Cyrus used rap and trap music for publicity, and criticizing them on a whim demonstrates how easily white artists use black music and habits without caring for or developing loyalty to the people and culture behind them, argues A. R. Shaw of Rolling Out. He holds that Cyrus adopted rap to change her image from an innocent child actor to a provocative adult artist, increasing her fame and wealth. Unlike Cyrus, black people can’t shed their identity that is merged with rap, so it is highly insensitive for her to have adopted this style for its controversial aspect only to drop it once it was no longer profitable to her, implies Shaw.

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Miley Cyrus chose a new musical path and in no way meant to insult or degrade rap, which she still holds in high esteem, reports Daniel Kreps of Rolling Stone. She wrote in on Instagram that her comments criticizing rap were taken out of context. In the interview, she meant to communicate that she wants to move on to country music that fits her better as the person she has grown to be. She claims the materialistic and sexist lyrics of the rap genre no longer appeal to her and made her want to create music that is socially conscious of the effect it has on young people. Cyrus suggests that she is exploring a new avenue of self-expression.

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