Do we need a female Doctor Who?

A female Doctor Who is great progress

It doesn't make sense and alienates fans

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Women can be doctors too. Casting Jodie Whittaker as Doctor Who sets an important example that will normalize having female actors in traditionally male roles, holds Zoe Williams of the Guardian. Mainstream movies and series are still dominated by main characters that are disproportionally male. Women in blockbuster films are too rarely portrayed as intelligent, assertive or outspoken. Having Doctor Who be female is an important step in making television more diverse, showing that being a witty scientist is a role that women can fulfill as well. This is crucial in an industry that is still regrettably loyal to antiquated views on gender.

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Stealing nerdy guys' idol. Making Doctor Who a woman changes an essential part of his personality that made him so relatable to his biggest fans, male nerds, argues Mark Smith of The Sunday Herald. His intellectual awkwardness always went against stereotypical masculinity while still being an admirable hero. This change is unnecessary and goes against his character. The show has already done a lot for diversity, hiring several minorities in casting and production. Making him female robs him of the meaning he has to his true fans by being a successful nerd. Women deserve their own heroes, but not by taking over Doctor Who.

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