Does Neflix’s Dear White People succeed?

'Dear White People' mirrors our society

It oversimplifies a complex subject


Netflix’s TV adaptation of “Dear White People” smartly captures the nuances of the current political climate through a black lens, believes Elizabeth Ononiwu of The Queen’s University Journal. Contrasting this perspective with that of the white majority of the show’s college setting offers a special narrative that is painfully absent from mainstream television. Particularly the depth and variety of black characters stands out because it is so rare. The show explores what it means as a minority to stand up for black rights while dealing with the reaction of the white majority. The show promotes an essential dialogue in America.

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“Dear White People” makes a commendable attempt at social commentary but it creates a narrative that is overly black and white, drawing sharp lines between ideologies and political stances, infers Sierra Emilaire of Study Breaks. Black students are shown to be combative and frustrated at their white peers or entirely uninterested in this movement, while the white majority are either unequivocally racist or alternative hipsters. Finding a middle ground is something the show could have pursued more. “Dear White People” falls short by not understanding varying degrees and complexities of political involvement.

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