Should pro sports’ teams retire jersey numbers?

Retiring jersey numbers is meaningful

The tradition is ridiculous and should end

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As a way to capture Derek Jeter's remarkable career with the New York Yankees, the team honored him in the most fitting way possible, by retiring his jersey number, writes John Franklin of Empire Writes Back. It's not enough to talk about a player like Jeter's record and accomplishments, says Franklin, who thinks that showing off his glory and jersey number 2 in a monument gives him - and players like him - their due respect.  As there won't ever be another player like Jeter, it is meaningful to retire his jersey number so current and future fans will remember him, claims Franklin.    

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The practice of professional sports teams retiring jersey numbers when certain players retire is silly and ridiculous, claims Joe Knowles of the Chicago Tribune.  He argues that the numbers belong to the team, not to the player. Now that the NY Yankees have retired Derek Jeter's jersey number, No. 2, the team is officially out of single-digit number options for other players. Knowles says that Jeter's number now makes 21 numbers between 1 and 99 unavailable for current and future players.  He claims it would more reasonable to give such numbers a respectful "mourning period" before putting them back into circulation.    

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