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Do we really need a Will&Grace reboot?

It transforms the show nicely

It isn’t relevant in the modern day

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The Will&Grace reboot reinvents the popular sitcom in the modern era successfully, holds Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair. The show understands that larger topics like queerness and politics have changed and addresses them appropriately and intelligently. Altogether, it brings back the sitcom style that we know and love. Reboots of old glories, particularly in this genre, aren’t always a hit. This one is. Quirky, funny and sarcastic, the characters are back with trademark energy, making any situation they find themselves in simply fun to behold. Particularly Debra Messing and Eric McCormack shine with their strong chemistry and biting wit.

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Will&Grace was an essential part of normalizing queerness in the public eye during the 90s, but this kind of show isn’t needed or even relevant in the modern day, asserts Nico Lang of Salon. At the time having stereotypically sassy, white and unthreatening gay men on TV was a necessity. Today we understand that queerness and the LGBT community are so much more diverse and profound than that. What was revolutionary television in the 90s is antiquated and repetitive now. Will&Grace set the stage for current shows that explore race, gender, sexuality and identity in ways that it couldn’t possibly aspire to itself. The reboot is highly unnecessary.

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