Should Taylor Swift Take More Of A Political Stand?

Swift should vocally stand up to injustice

She has a right to not voice her opinions

 Getty: Andrew H. Walker / Staff

In these divisive and worrying times, it is no longer okay for Taylor Swift to stay politically neutral and validate the less-than-ideal status quo, suggests P. Claire Dodson of Fast Company. Swift seems to be so apolitical that she would rather have her lawyers try to suppress free speech than just publicly condemn neo-Nazism. This is what happened when a blog argued that her work appeals to the alt-right, which resulted in the obscure post being read by far more people. Swift’s brand of vanilla feminism and claims to empower women ring hollow. She should be using her fame to call out political injustices that are currently going on.

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Taylor Swift has almost never used her art to spread a political message and she has every right not to, believes Kyle Smith of National Review. Liberals have routinely condemned her for not taking a stronger stance on feminism or Trump. Besides having a right to keep her opinions quiet, Swift has an image to present and music to sell. Since going political, Katie Perry’s own career has suffered. Swift realizes that not everything needs to be about politics. Over 100m Americans abstained from voting. Rather than alienating Trump supporters, her music can offer respite from the bombardment of political news in ways that appeal to everyone.

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