Is ‘War Machine’ a good movie?

The movie 'War Machine' fails as a war parody

It cleverly captures the futility of war

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Mission unaccomplished. War Machine shoots itself in the foot by failing to decide whether it wants to offer genuine social commentary or be a war parody, writes Richard Brody of the New Yorker. Flailing between the two genres, it doesn't create a compelling narrative that would draw viewers in. Profound topics, such as the bureaucracy and futility of the war in Afghanistan, arise but are addressed only superficially. On the other hand, the humor is heavy-handed, failing to lift the movie out of its misery. A further nail in its coffin is the characters’ blandness, absent of emotion, motivation and characteristics that could humanize them.

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Shots fired. War Machine grapples with the topic of war and ends up on top, infers Karen Flores of ABS CBN News. The movie’s use of humor reflects the absurdity of war in the Middle East grippingly. Subtlety is its strength, as the movie disarms viewers with awkward and deadpan humor. The movie asks questions about war, what it is, and in particular what the US is trying to get out of its current ones. It’s unlike anything else on TV, using stiff comedy to change the way we see war. Its use of satire is refined, aiming for something deeper than just getting some laughs. War Machine captures the futility of war brilliantly.

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