Did Wearing Black At The Golden Globes Matter?

It reflected the deeper activism

It was smug and superficial

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While wearing black itself at the 2018 Golden Globes ceremony did not directly fight sexual harassment, the movements that it spawned and was a part of certainly did, argues Terri White of Empire Online. The Hollywood celebrities choosing to wear black came as a sign of solidarity with all victims of abuse. It signaled a shift in the industry that has been infested by sexual misdeeds for far too long. Women wearing black announced efforts for gender parity in Hollywood and legal defense funds for the less well-off to be able to reveal and confront sexual harassment. Wearing black came in conjunction with these necessary movements.

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The wearing of black dresses at the Golden Globes seemed to represent an almost entirely self-congratulatory effort while making very little real change, infers Tim Teeman of The Daily Beast. Some actions, such as Oprah’s speech, did promise change and growing awareness, but the black-clad awards ceremony was heavily lacking more direct activism that held people accountable. All the stars’ dresses were still made by designers and looked as glamorous as ever, making the event look just like it always has. Men seemed to get a pass, as they weren’t collectively called upon to take a stand against sexual harassment.

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