All-female Wonder Woman screenings are great

They aggravate and widen the gender divide

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Wonderful women. Calls of discrimination over Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse hosting screenings of "Wonder Woman" for all-female audiences are highly misplaced, holds Britton Peele of the Sydney Morning Herald. In the comic book world, women are an often marginalized minority, particularly among fans. They often have their knowledge of heroes questioned simply because of their gender, seen as "fake geek girls" by some. The screening aims to create a space where women can feel comfortable among each other. Furthermore, the theatre screens the movie for men as well, just at different times.

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Putting up walls. The all-women screening of "Wonder Woman" is not just morally wrong, it is also most likely illegal, suggests Christopher Hooton of the Independent. Professor Stephen Clark, a gay lawyer who is fully in support of women’s rights, strongly opposes the practice. It is, in effect, discriminatory and illegal, according to local laws. Just like gay bars, places of safe openness don’t keep out heterosexual people because they change the atmosphere; it is unjust to ban men, even if the reasoning is a good one. Keeping men out of movie screenings is not the right way to bridge the gender gap.

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