Are Bakers Refusing To Serve Gay Couples Justified?

Refusing to serve gay people is wrong

Cake makers have a right to their beliefs

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Refusing to serve customers because of who they are is not acceptable or legal for any business in America, holds John Corvino of The New York Times. In the case of cake makers, freedom of speech may apply to what design their cakes have, but not to whom they sell their products. When a Colorado cake maker refused to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple, he was breaking the law. It would have been the same had he done so with a black couple on the base of their ethnicity, which isn’t covered by the First Amendment either. Had he offered to sell them a cake but refused to include a topper with two grooms, it would have been a different conversation.

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The Colorado cake maker had a right not to make a cake for a gay wedding out of religious ideology, argues Ryan T. Anderson of National Review. The left-wing effort to impose its views on conservatives and religious Americans includes the attempt to violate religious liberties. This includes trying to force cake makers to swallow their beliefs and design cakes for gay marriages. Liberal interest groups are trying to make their agenda the status quo, using the law to enforce their views. America is about individual freedom, not government-mandated regulations and forcing people into providing a service that goes against their faith.

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