Is banning guns in the US an effective measure?

Second Amendment needs revision

Banning guns doesn't decrease violence

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The reason for America’s high number of deaths is due to deeply-entrenched gun legislation and culture. In order to meaningfully change this an overhaul is needed, the Second Amendment needs to be revised, believes Bret Stephens of the New York Times. The legality of selling guns privately, popularity of the NRA and huge number of guns around the country are issues that no law will change overnight. But change needs to start somewhere. Limiting the spread of guns can save countless lives. High rates of gun ownership in a community significantly raises the rates of gun deaths. The Second Amendment isn’t infallible.

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Getting rid of guns has been shown to increase, and not decrease, rates of violence, asserts John R. Lott Jr. of National Review in direct response to the New York Times. Stephens’ data, which suggests gun ownership increases the number of people getting shot, is wrong. In fact cities like Washington and Chicago saw themselves become America’s most violent after implementing gun bans. Criminals weren’t deterred by the law to begin with, acquiring guns anyway. These measures only served to disarm law-abiding citizens who were then unable to protect themselves. The liberal call to ban guns fails to fully examine the evidence.

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