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Can Bullying Be Stopped?

Kids need to be taught not to bully others

Victims should just defend themselves

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While supporting the victims of bullying is great, we need to address the roots of this problem, writes the Editorial Board of the Lewistown Sentinel. Keaton Jones’ video, in which he tearfully explained that he was bullied by his schoolmates, quickly gained millions of views and heart-warming empathy from celebrities across the web. But the support is not enough. Parents need to talk to their kids and discourage them from such behavior. A part of bullies’ power over their victims is the fear of retribution for telling on them. Schools need to supervise their students and identify this behavior better. Only so can it be punished and dealt with.

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Bullying is something that happens in the vast majority of schools, which is unlikely to stop, no matter how much support Keaton Jones gets for his moving video. To prevent victims from being bullied further, they need to be taught to defend, or at least stand up for, themselves, proclaims Neil Dwyer of The Washington Examiner. After the social media hype, Keaton will have to go to school again and might still face bullies. The best way to discourage them is to confront them himself. Self-defense classes could help him do that, but it is often the verbal confrontation itself that solves the issue. Bullying won’t just go away.

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