Can Drilling In The Arctic Refuge Be Done Safely?

It can be safe and highly profitable

The risk of an oil spill is far too big

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The strong opposition to drilling in an Arctic refuge ignores the safe ways it can be done and many benefits that it offers, asserts Lisa Murkowski in The Seattle Times. First off, the oil and gas harvested from these areas could lower costs for Americans, and especially Alaskans, as their gas prices are rising. Furthermore, any drilling projects in special areas or Arctic refuges would be done in ways that follow EPA guidelines and protect plants and animals as best as possible. Alaskans need to understand that the oil industry offers thousands of jobs. Drilling in this resource-rich place wouldn’t hurt the environment either.

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Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge should not be the site of oil drilling, which risks harming the environment, infers Bret Probinsky of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. The section that oil companies want to drill in is also the most environmentally sensitive. Oil spills are a huge risk here as the climate and advancing sea ice can damage oil rigs and their equipment. Such an event would be incredibly tragic and isn’t worth risking for the sake of profit. Already the US produces huge volumes of oil, drilling in the refuge is not essential. Global warming has long affected this area, we shouldn’t risk ruining it with risky oil rigs.

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