Is the Catholic Church hard enough on Cardinal Pell over Pedophilia allegations?

Cardinal Pell trial highlights church coverups

Newspapers too impetuous to label him a child-abuser

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Refusing to repent. Cardinal Pell’s charges of sexual abuse are unsurprising, given the Catholic Church’s policy of silence when dealing with its members’ crimes, holds Phil Johnson of the Independent. It has repeatedly shown that bringing justice to the abused takes second place to maintaining its status and reputation. Discrediting victims to ensure this has even contributed to one of them taking his own life. The Vatican has condemned crimes, but taken little action to make perpetrators accountable. Coverups may have allowed men like Pell to climb the ranks of the Catholic church and cover up the crimes of others.  

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Torches and pitchforks. Outrage at the Catholic Church’s history of protecting sexual abusers should remain separate from Cardinal Pell’s trial over alleged sexual abuses, argues The Age Editorial Board. Justice for the victims, but also for Pell himself, is paramount. The current media fury directed at the Church and Pell is, as of now, still based on unproven accusations. The Cardinal, like every citizen, deserves a fair trial according to the rules of the law. Society has been quick to judge and couple the trial with the church’s past. They should remain separate until the full truth emerges. Unless proven otherwise in court, Cardinal Pell is an innocent man.

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