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Are college sexual assault policies too forgiving?

College rape laws hurt the accused

They need to support victims more

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Colleges taking a tougher stance on sexual assault is highly necessary at a time when too many crimes of this kind go unpunished. However, the current system, in an attempt to better protect victims, has been stacked against the accused, which can be highly damaging and unfair, holds Emily Yoffe of The Atlantic. What this can often lead to is innocent people getting hurt and having their reputations, educations and even lives, ruined. Handling sexual assault cases in the right way is incredibly hard, but colleges should work away from the current system, which penalizes the accused. Everyone has the right to due process.

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Campus rape is an atrociously widespread problem that colleges and society still aren’t addressing to the extent that it needs to be dealt with, infer Lydia O’Connor and Tyler Kingkade of the Huffington Post. Laws are still too lenient on the many ways that sexual assault can happen. It is this leniency and low rate of punishment that still leads so many sexual crimes to go unreported. Women fear the incredibly arduous process of proving incredibly violating acts to a system that is stacked against them. Prosecutors don’t take certain cases. Victims have to fight to be believed. Colleges need to change this to promote justice.

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