Should We condemn Roy Moore for Sexual Assault Allegations?

He deserves nothing but condemnation

He is innocent until proven guilty

 Getty: Scott Olson / Staff

Anything short of outright condemnation of Alabama Republican candidate for the Senate, Roy Moore, allegedly sexually assaulting minors is morally reprehensible, believes Jamelle Bouie of Slate. Republicans have refused to condemn his actions and call for him to pull out of the Senate race. This mirrors the way they sidestepped outright criticizing and politically dropping Donald Trump after similar allegations surfaced a year ago. Much evidence has been presented to back these heavy accusations. Roy Moore should be fully condemned and should no longer be able to run for the Senate. The GOP is putting party before doing the right thing.

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It is premature to call for Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore’s head before his alleged crimes are proven, beyond any doubt, argues McAllister of PJ Media. If he did indeed sexually assault several minors, then he should be condemned and punished to the full extent of the law. However, the "Weinstein effect" is starting to appear like a witch hunt after any powerful man is accused of sexual misconduct, no matter whether there is proof or not. Everyone deserves the assumption of innocence. That is how our laws work. The authorities should investigate and settle this case, giving Moore the justice he deserves, one way or another.

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