Did Jussie Smollett’s Racial Hoax Expose Liberals’ Bias?

Liberals are too eager to demonize Trump fans

While Smollett lied, his story was believable

 Getty: Nuccio DiNuzzo / Stringer

Liberal news outlets like CNN were far too eager to cover Jussie Smollett’s made-up story of a hate crime against him, suggests Kyle Smith of CNN. The notion that he would be attacked by homophobic and racist Trump supporters fits the narrative that many on the left believe. Many liberals and liberal outlets were too quick to believe and support him. This sheds light on how being a victim is seen as highly valuable by many people. Smollett was using the current anti-Trump political climate to garner himself more publicity and support. Such stories have happened before, and society should wait for the facts to come out before casting judgement.

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After it emerged that a hate crime against Jussie Smollett turned out to be made up by him, many on the right have used this story to wrongly attack liberals in general, holds Dahleen Glanton of The Chicago Tribune. While Smollett lied about this event, the bigoted assault he fictionalized occurs daily to minorities and gay people. Under President Trump, hate groups have reached a record high after they decreased in numbers under Barack Obama. Many of Trump’s supporters hold hateful ideals. The notion that liberals should apologize for believing a highly plausible scenario is wrong, while Smollett deserves unfiltered condemnation for having lied like this.

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