Should we discuss gun control directly after shootings?

Discussing gun laws is always relevant

It's wrong to use tragedies to further goals

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The discussion about gun control laws in the U.S. must be had as soon as possible, even if it takes a tragedy to spur it, suggests the Daily Kos. The past few years have seen an inexcusably high number of mass shootings, which resulted in little to nothing being done about reducing the free flow of guns in American society. Congress is currently moving to loosen gun laws, making it easier to buy silencers. The reason it does this is lobbying and funding by the NRA. The government has routinely refused to pass meaningful gun control legislation. This needs to be addressed for the safety of all Americans from Las Vegas to Orlando.

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Gun control advocates use the tragedies of mass shootings to arbitrarily attack all forms of gun ownership, which makes it much harder to find solutions, holds David Harsanyi of The Federalist. Reacting so rapidly after an attack, without understanding the full facts, is never productive. The fact is that many people act emotionally, using these events to justify a pre-conceived opinion. A valuable discussion must be had about this kind of violence. But using the public’s attention to a national tragedy to push an anti-gun agenda only serves to alienate people and stops constructive discussion. The overreaction after a shooting is unjustified.  

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